Ranch Rules



Maze Park Rules

  • Do Not Smoke/VAPE! in the Maze
  • Wear a Mask – Sorry
  • NO Unescorted children in Maze or Fun Park!
  • Do Not Run in the Maze
  • Do Not Break thru the Ribbons
  • Do Not Cut Through the Corn
  • Do Not Use Foul Language
  • No Dogs or Pets Allowed
  • No Alcohol or Weapons
  • No Food or Beverages


  • Guests and staff are required to wear masks during arrival, transportation on the wagons, and when walking through the patch. You may, of course, remove your masks for picture taking 🙂
  • Guests can plan to bring gloves to use during loading on the ride wagons and while handling the Pumpkins
  • Plan to use our mobile ordering system for food service options (Sat/Sun) at the entrance. CREDIT CARD ONLY
  • Social distancing remains important and all guests are asked to remain a minimum of 6-feet from other guests and staff.
  • Wash your hands often
  • We are enhancing our timed-ticketing program to limit the total number of guests to 25% of our total capacity.

    “Maze Rules are for Everyone’s Safety”

    Rule Breakers will be Evicted from the Maze the “First” time they Break a Rule.  Parents, Please keep a close watch on your children.  Especially around the Horses, Animals and Equipment here at the Ranch.    “We want everyone to Enjoy their day here at the Maze”